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Namaste, or greetings and salutations, to you all!

We are gathered to celebrate the Hindu festival called Navratri. “Nav” meaning nine, “Ratri” meaning nights, occurs annually during the months of September and October. Navratri is said to depict a nine-day battle between Goddess Durga and the demon king Mahishasura, in which the Goddess emerged victorious. The festival is thus celebrated with the idea of the triumph of good over evil. Durga Maa is considered the feminine epitome of strength.

One way to celebrate is by dancing the Garba, a dance commonly performed at festivals in Gujarat, India. Traditionally, the dance is performed around a clay lantern with a light inside, called a Garbha Deep. It is a representation of life, the fetus in the womb. The cyclical movement is symbolic of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It is a lively style of dance, based on a circular pattern and characterized by a sweeping action from side to side.

The real essence of Garba dancing nowadays is to celebrate the togetherness everyone feels while they dance with their friends and family. It is a time of joy, happiness, and devotion for Durga Maa the Mother Goddess.


iFest Bolingbrook: International Festival of Cultures is a one-day celebration that pays tribute to our diverse population and cultures from around the world. The event showcases numerous countries featuring ethnic cuisine, handmade goods, merchandise, international children’s activities, cultural entertainment, educational booths, and more! This year, Sanskriti had the honor of representing India, marking Bolingbrook's first time hosting a booth from India. We enjoyed dressing people in sarees, having a henna artist create beautiful designs, offering consultations with a palm reader, and presenting a variety of jewelry and artisan purses available for purchase.

Holi is an ancient Hindu tradition and one of the most popular festivals in Hinduism marking the arrival of the spring season. It celebrates the eternal and divine love between Radha & Krishna. During the festival, people come together share their love for traditional food, colors, music and spread joy and love. They color each other with colored powder (gulal) to symbolize oneness.

Garba Night 2022