Our Team

Bhavini Patel


Bhavini was born in London and now resides in Bolingbrook, Illinois with her husband, two daughters, and Siberian Husky. Bhavini is an active member of the local community. While she works as a commercial real estate broker at John Greene Commercial during the day her exceptional organizational skills and passion for community building and cultural awareness are evident in her role as the founder of Sanskriti. As someone who was raised outside of her native country India, it has always been important to her to stay connected to her cultural heritage. She feels a deep responsibility to pass down these traditions to future generations and to share the richness of Indian culture with others in her community. Through Sanskriti, Bhavini has found a way to do just that, by creating events that showcase the beauty and diversity of her culture and bring people of different backgrounds together. Her dedication to this mission has made a significant impact on the local community, fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging for all who participate in her events.

Bhavini's passion for promoting cultural awareness is evident in her tireless efforts to create a positive impact in her community. She believes that by bringing people together, we can break down barriers and foster greater understanding and respect for different cultures. The organization has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for many who share her vision of a more inclusive world.

Through Sanskriti, Bhavini organizes events such as festivals and cultural celebrations that highlight the rich and diverse heritage of Indian culture. Her events provide a space where people from different backgrounds can come together, share their experiences, and learn from each other.

With her dedication and hard work, Bhavini Patel has demonstrated that one person can make a real difference in their community. Her non-profit organization is a testament to the power of individuals to create positive change and build bridges between communities.

Aanal Amin

Vice President

Aanal Amin was born & raised in India and has been a Bolingbrook resident since 2009 with her husband and twin daughters. Experiencing the challenges of being an immigrant herself, Aanal is passionate about preserving and promoting her culture while educating & celebrating diversity in her community. She hopes to inspire the kids to be passionate about their roots by organizing cultural programs & festivals that promote awareness. 

With a background & MBA in Finance and over 15 years of leadership experience in areas of Operations, supply chain, Inventory management and FP&A, Aanal brings a wealth of knowledge & experience to our board. Aanal has been an active member of various cultural clubs & organizations through school, colleges, and local community and brings a deep understanding & passion for cultural arts as well. 

As Vice President of Sanskriti, Aanal will continue to play a critical role in our strategy to ensure our programs align with our core mission, provide oversight & execution for our festivals & events, vendor management and lend a hand in the creative space with her passion for music & dance. As a board member, Aanal encourages individuals to support & join us in our journey by attending our events, becoming a patron, sponsor, vendor or spreading awareness to help us sustain our cultural legacy.

Meena Kapadia


Meena Kapadia is a highly motivated and community-oriented individual who has been a resident of Bolingbrook, IL since 2003. She is a devoted wife and mother and has been happily married for over 25 years. Meena is a strong supporter of the community and is dedicated to bringing different cultures together through diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Born in Mombasa, Kenya, Meena spent most of her childhood in Naperville, IL. She is a proud multicultural woman who values her Indian heritage and enjoys learning about other cultures. Her upbringing has instilled in her a deep appreciation for diversity and a passion for building bridges between different communities.

Meena is a detail-oriented individual with strong organizational skills. She has a proven track record of delivering successful projects as a project manager with Black & Veatch. In her current role, she supports infrastructure buildout with Connectivity & Commercial Projects. Meena's ability to manage complex projects and collaborate effectively with stakeholders has earned her a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy professional.

Meena is a vital contributor to the success of Sanskriti’s events in Bolingbrook, IL. With her strong organizational skills and attention to detail, she plays a key role in double-checking the logistics of events to ensure they run smoothly. Additionally, Meena is an adept communicator and works tirelessly to promote event sponsors and donors to the community. Her dedication to the community and passion for diversity and inclusion make her an indispensable member of the organizing team for community events. Through her contributions, Meena helps to foster a sense of community and promote cultural awareness and understanding in Bolingbrook.

Paritosh Kapadia


Paritosh Kapadia is a seasoned executive with over 23 years of experience at AT&T. Born in India, he has lived in Oman and currently resides in Bolingbrook, IL with his beloved wife and daughter. As someone who values diversity and loves to connect with people from different cultures and traditions, he is passionate about promoting cultural awareness and understanding.

Having lived in the United States for the past 25 years, Paritosh has witnessed firsthand the importance of promoting cultural diversity and inclusion in his community. He understands the value of celebrating different cultural festivals and traditions and is committed to promoting cultural awareness and understanding in Bolingbrook, IL.

Paritosh Kapadia has been instrumental in helping identify merchant services for Sanskriti. He has also played a key role in bringing in high donors and running point on the day of the organization's events. Through his leadership and strategic planning, Paritosh has helped Sanskriti achieve its mission of promoting cultural awareness and understanding in the community. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in executive leadership, strategic planning, and community engagement to the table, and is committed to working collaboratively with others to promote cultural awareness and understanding in the community.

Ravish Patel

Board Member

Ravish Patel is a Bolingbrook native for over 28 years and a passionate advocate for promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity in his community. As a board member of Sanskriti, a non-profit organization based in Bolingbrook, Ravish has played a vital role in organizing cultural events and activities that bring people together and foster growth for awareness.

Ravish's work with Sanskriti is just one of the many ways he contributes to his community. With degrees from the University of Illinois and the University of Iowa, Ravish has worked in multiple health departments and biotech startups. He is currently overseeing several healthcare-related projects, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact for the health of and well-being of all.

Apart from his role with Sanskriti, Ravish is involved in several other community organizations. He has served as the former Commissioner of the Civic and Cultural Affairs Board, former Director and member of the Lion’s Club, and is currently the Director of the Roseland Hospital Foundation Board. Ravish's multifaceted role in the community showcases his dedication to promoting empathy, understanding, and connection among diverse groups of people. Through his work and involvement, Ravish has become an advocate for his community, and his contributions have helped to foster a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Trak Patel

Board Member

Trak is the founder of ARCC Consulting and treasurer for Sanskriti. With over two decades of experience in accounting, Trak has honed his skills in financial management and budgeting. He has an exceptional “Trak” record of effectively managing finances for various organizations, ensuring they stay within budget and meet their financial goals.

Trak's expertise in accounting has been an invaluable asset to Sanskriti, where he has been responsible for managing the organization's finances and ensuring that funds are allocated appropriately for various events and programs. He is diligent in his work and takes a proactive approach to manage finances, ensuring that Sanskriti stays financially stable and able to continue its mission of promoting cultural awareness and diversity.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Trak is a dedicated member of the community who believes in giving back. He volunteers his time and expertise to various charitable organizations, helping them manage their finances and make the most of their resources. Trak's passion for accounting and commitment to serving his community make him an exceptional treasurer for Sanskriti, and a valuable asset to any organization he works with.